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Yachtpro ( Thailand ) Co, Ltd is a private, Thai registered company which was established in 1999.

The company is dedicated to providing clients with the highest standard of personalized service and has successfully run sailing courses, holiday packages and corporate sailing events since its establishment.

Yachtpro is a private company dedicated to providing the highest standard of personal sailing services possible.

We are a focused International Sail Training Establishment and a quality charter operator.

Yachtpro is affiliated with a number of International Sailing Bodies including the International Sailing Schools Association, American Sailing Association and the Australian Yachting Federation.

On offer are a range of internationally recognized certificate courses for beginners through to experienced sailors as well as a wide variety of holiday sailing, corporate events and tours. 

We take pride in the achievements of and our continued relationships with our clients; many of whom return numerous times to complete further courses or to sail on holiday with us.

The company's managing director is Rob Williams, who established Yachtpro in Melbourne , which was regarded as a leading sailing school in Australia .

Yachtpro approach all their activities very seriously and aim to fulfill individual clients aspirations.

Our goal is for clients to sail safely, competently and confidently at their chosen level of proficiency.

Yachtpro's progressive approach to training facilitates speed of learning and skill acquisition, while integration of theoretical and practical components maximizes long-term benefits. The yachts that we use are appropriate for the events and courses undertaken on them, and ensure optimum client/ student instructor ratio.

Yachtpro's training techniques ensure that students' are both competent and confident at their assessed level of proficiency and that they are well aware of all the elements that are pertinent to it.


We conduct all our sailing in a relaxed, friendly environment and endeavor to cater for everybody's personal aspirations and requirements. Your sailing with us should be fun, safe and both individually and collectively rewarding.

While we approach our job very seriously, we also enjoy it greatly and make every endeavor to ensure that you will also.

Where We Are

Our office is in Yacht Haven Marina In Baan Kho En, Mai Khao. From the Airport or Nai Yang
Beach , it is around 10-15 minute drive. Pass the airport junction and Blue
Canyon Golf Club. Follow the highway in the direction to Sarasin Bridge .

At the big bend where there is a concrete wall along the road, Keep right and make u-turn. Then follow the lay-by road into the village (Baan Kho En). Once pass the village, look for the Yachtpro Sign on the left.

Behind the high wall and big gate (wide-opened), through the driveway you'll see our office.

Where we operate and sail

Yachtpro Thailand 's base, which includes our offices and air-conditioned training rooms is located at the picturesque Yacht Haven Marina on the northern coast of Phuket .

The sheltered waters in the vicinity of this world-class marina afford an excellent training area for novice sailors.

We are also just a stone's throw from the wonders from Phang Nga Bay which provides an excellent sailing ground/area for more advanced training and holiday charters.

The Yacht Haven Phuket combines safe anchorage for the international yachting fraternity. 

Overlooking Laem Phrao Bay in northeastern Phuket, this environmentally friendly marina gently blends into Phuket's picturesque coastline.

With easy access to the open sea, the marina provides a gateway to famous local sailing destinations in Phang Nga Bay , with its myriad limestone islands, the stunning coastline of Krabi, the Phi Phi Islands , and the further distant Similan and Surin Islands .

While we can, and are insured, to sail anywhere from Singapore in the south to the border of Myanmar in the north, the waters in the vicinity of Phuket are our primary sailing area. The beauty and contrasts within this relative small area are breathtaking. Most of the most popular anchorages are about a days sail from any of the others.

For more information or if you have any questions about Yachtpro please contact us


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