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Thailand's waters are amongst the best in the world for sailing and sail training in the world. The area in the vicinity of Phuket provides some of the world's most fascinating cruising grounds, as well as the ideal combination of water depths, currents and topography for sail training.

You will discover the unique beauty of the islands off Phuket and the weather enables us to sail all year round.

Participants as a bonus can enjoy and learn a little more about sailing.

What should I look for in a Sailing Establishment?
Accreditation - The course your about to do must be internationally recognized.
Service and Efficiency - Your dealings with the establishment should be easy and the staff helpful.
Do they listen? - You must insure that the courses you do are appropriate to your needs.
Yachts - Make sure the yachts used are appropriate in size and design for your course. We once met a person with an Inshore Skippers qualification who had never hoisted a headsail.

Ensure that the yachts ….
Insurance - Make sure the company and its vessels are insured.

What will we see when we are sailing?
Fantastic Beaches, Magical Islands , sheer limestone cliffs rising vertically from an aquamarine sea, hidden tidal caves and secret secluded lagoons.

What do I need to bring?
We supply just about everything required for your sailing experience. Your clothes, personal items and spending money are essentially all you will require to bring.

What happens if I've forgotten something?
We have a few personal type items for sale in our office for last minute emergencies.

Never been to Phuket :

Will I have problems being understood?
No, in most places that you will go, most Thai's speak at least English if not a number of other languages. If you chose to go Thai style, you'll generally be able to communicate with some English and a fair bit of gesturing…great fun.

What are communications, facilities, roads etc like?
Phuket has excellent facilities and infrastructure.

Are there any Health Issues and Medical Facilities?
Phuket has excellent modern hospitals and clinics. Drink bottled water and be sensible with what you eat. The other main considerations are motorbike riding and sunburn.

What's the climate like in Phuket?
Warm all year round. Evening showers and wind during the SW monsoon from June to November. Sunny and slightly less wind during the NW monsoon from December to May.

Can you sum up Phuket in a nutshell?
Friendly people, fantastic food, cheap shopping, scuba diving, fishing, paragliding, jet skiing, temples, herbal saunas and spas, elephant safaris, exotic nightlife, waterfalls and...much, much more.

About Thailand :

Do I need a Visa?
If you are staying less than 30 days, your tourist visa will be issued on arrival.

What currency is used?
Thai Baht. Money changing facilities are plentiful and deal in notes, travelers cheques and credit cards. Cash dispensing ATM's, utilizing Visa Plus and Cirrus, are readily available in tourist areas and major shopping centres.

What is the Time Zone?
GMT plus 7 hours.


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