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Staff Resource Management addresses the problems of human error and error capture in the work environment, which translates perfectly in the sailing environment.

Sailing a yacht competently, confidently and safely requires a crew with both a shared vision and a common sense of purpose.

An efficient crew is one that is communicative, coordinated and responsive to the action of the sea and weather on their yacht.

The atmosphere of the new environment at sea will find old habits put aside for a time, so that different skills, strengths and perspectives will come to the fore.

The “crew” will need to work as a close-knit unit, focusing on new ways of tackling tasks and planning to avoid difficulties.

Shared vision, accelerates the learning process, enhances communication and coordination skills, and highlights cooperative attitudes.

Specific areas of concentration that are combined within each exercise:

Adaptability and Flexibility
The ability to alter planned actions when new information becomes available or an unexpected situation arises.

A combination of initiative, enthusiasm and courage to be involved in the decision-making process with the ability to hold a point of view unless convinced that other options are better.

It is imperative that both verbal and written information is initiated and received and that pertinent feedback is provided in an appropriate and timely manner. The ability to display attitude and demeanor tacitly is also very important.

Decision Making (DM)
The ability to make logical and sound judgments based on information available and to demonstrate the willingness to act on it.

Without statement or reinforcement of position, one needs to direct and coordinate the activities of subordinates and to encourage them work together as a team.

Task Analysis
Development of short term, long-term and contingency plans, and to coordinate, allocate and monitor staff resources.

Situational Awareness
The degree to which someone's perception of his current environment matches reality.

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